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4 Funny Misconceptions About Real Estate Agents

If you’ve been following Walden Novak for a while, you might be under the impression that we’re all work and no play.

Sure, when we aren’t busy listing houses, scheduling showings, and negotiating prices, we’re publishing pieces about How to Sell a Home From Out of State or developing our new home valuation tool.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t take a moment during our 7-day work weeks every once and awhile to laugh at ourselves. So today we’re gonna peel back the curtain a bit and show you the lighter side of the real estate business with these funny misconceptions about real estate agents that people outside the business tend to have.

Myth#1: The Company Pays for That Fancy Car

We wish.

While agents are well known for pulling up to showings in a cherry red convertible or some top-of-the-line luxury sedan, they are almost always paying for them out of their own pocket.

If you’ve ever wondered why realtors are synonymous with expensive vehicles, it’s because we’ve all heard stories of buyers dropping an agent because they didn’t drive the right kind of car.

Fancy cars project success, and who wants to trust their home to an unsuccessful agent?

We Think Open Houses Are a Blast

The scent of fresh baked apple pies.

Hot coffee brewing.

And a boat load of eager buyers!


Sometimes, but not so much. While it’s true that no one ever gets tired of the homey smell of cinnamon and brown sugar—and we do tend to rely on endless pots of coffee to get us through the day—open houses don’t always attract the ideal buyer.

For sure, they are a great way to show off a house and land a sale, but open houses also tend to bring in a lot of window shoppers. Believe it or not, a lot of people make a weekend hobby out of bouncing from open house to open house even when they aren’t in the market to buy.

Zillow and Trulia Are Putting Us Out of a Job

Who even needs a real estate agent anymore?

Websites like Zillow do all the hard work for you, right? In a matter of seconds you’ve got your hands on hundreds of listings in your price range, area, and size.

So what does a real estate agent even do these days, anyway?

We aren’t exactly shaking in our boots that automated technology is going to put us out of a job anytime soon. After all, maybe Trulia can tell you how much the last four homes sold for in a neighborhood, but it can’t tell you why. And they definitely can’t help you compare buyer offers or do a walkthrough of your home to tell you what you need to do before putting it on the market.

We’ll Do Anything For a Sale

While real estate agents are often characterized as ruthless salesmen who will say whatever they need to earn their commission, we really are human beings just like you. We don’t melt in the rain and we’ve got to eat, drink, and (eventually) sleep to maintain our energy just like everyone else.

Potential lawsuits aside, it’s generally in an agent’s best interest to do right by their client because word-of-mouth advertising is so important in our industry. 40% of buyers choose their agent through a referral from friends or family, so any agent who actually wants to make it in the business needs to be honest, upright, and genuine.

And that’s exactly what we try to be at Walden Novak. So when we grimace at another luxury car payment or smile and nod our way through another open house, you can know that we do it all with a good sense of humor and a love for what we do.

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