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Buying and Selling a Home in Commerce City Colorado

Buying or Selling a home in Commerce City

For those looking to live within a stone’s throw of the Denver Metro at a fraction of the cost, Commerce City is an ideal place to move in. The market is warm, and since sellers won’t have as much of an advantage as in the city center, now is the time to consider buying in this fast growing region. Home values rose 9% since last year and are projected to continue growing by more than half of that into 2019. Additionally, with a foreclosure rate about nine times that of the metro area, buyers hunting for a bargain could find what they’re looking for in Commerce City.  So let’s review what you should consider when buying and selling a home in Commerce City, Colorado.

Reasons to Move to Commerce City

For those looking to buy, there are plenty of good reasons to move to Commerce City. Economically, it is a municipality on the grow. With unemployment rates, projected job growth, and median income values better than the national average, it is the perfect place to find and maintain a steady career. It’s also safer to live in than the average American town. According the Sperling’s Best Places, Commerce City earned a violent crime score that is a full 7 points (on a hundred point scale) lower than Denver metro and the rest of the United States.

Things to Do Near Commerce City

More than just an economic boom, Commerce City is full of great things to do in or around town. For the dog lover, first Creek Dog Park is the perfect place to bring your favorite pooch. Your furry friend can spend hours exploring the great outdoors and climbing on the puppy playground. If you’re up for a thirty minute drive, you can tour the Coors Brewery and learn more about one of America’s favorite beers (and enjoy a cold one on the house for those of age).

Places to Eat Near Commerce City

From the fancy foodie to the average Joe and Jane, Commerce City has a place to eat for every taste. For that all American greasy diner food craving, look no further than the Butcher’s Block Cafe, a 60s style diner that provides a blast from the past and homey fare. For the pizza lover looking for something a little more upscale, you can’t beat a slice at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, offering gourmet slices of America’s favorite Italian inspired comfort food.

Family Fun Near Commerce City

When you live so close to the city center, there is no end to family entertainment in Commerce City. Catch a movie just like they did in days past at the 88 Drive-In Theatre, one of Colorado’s nine remaining drive-in movie theaters. The 88 opened in 1972 and has been run by the same family for the past 42 years. When it’s time to unplug from the screen and get some exercise, the Reunion Recreation Center is the perfect place for the whole family to stay active, featuring sports camps, martial arts classes, fitness programs and more.

Tips for Buying a Home in Commerce City

If you think that buying a home in Commerce City might be in your future, here are a few things to keep in mind about the house purchasing process.

Know Your Down Payment Options. A lot of would-be homeowners never take the plunge due to the mistaken belief that they need to put a 20% down payment on their new home. While 20% is the traditional down payment, there are plenty of alternatives—especially for first time home buyers—with much lower requirements (even as low as 3%). If you are struggling to overcome this hurdle, get in touch and we help you find the down payment assistance you need.

Save For After the Move. You might get so focused on saving for a down payment and closing costs that you forget to leave a little bit left over for after move-in. Keep in mind that you may want to make renovations, furnish rooms, or replace appliances, so stow some of your savings for these little odds and ends.

Tips for Selling a Home in Commerce City

With home values in Commerce City having increased steadily for the past six years, chances are that if you are a homeowner here you stand to make a decent profit on a sale. Keep in mind these tips for getting the most for your home.

Sell Your Kitchen. For many buyers, the kitchen is the deal maker. A welcoming kitchen can easily transform a house into a home, which is exactly what you need to do: convince someone that they could live in your house. While you probably don’t want to invest in a full kitchen remodel, try to arrange it in such a way that maximizes counter space and versatility. Even a small kitchen can look much more functional with a fold away table tucked against a wall.

Call In The Experts. While you might be tempted to save money by putting your house on the market yourself, an expert real estate agent will help you get the best price for your home, which means they could actually save you money. After you factor in all the headaches they’ll prevent (like marketing the house and screening buyers), paying a small commission to a seller’s agent seems worth the cost.

Today is the perfect time to take the first steps towards buying or selling a home in Commerce City. If you are looking for professional help to get you started off on the right foot, Walden Novak is available for a free consultation to answer all your questions.

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