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Buying and Selling a Home in Henderson Colorado

Buying and Selling a home in Henderson

There are many things to consider when buying and selling a home in Henderson, Colorado.  Home values in Henderson are on the rise, having grown almost 10% in the past year and estimated to jump another 5% by this this time next year. With a current median listing price just above $335,000 and only a 4.7% negative equity rate (lower than the national average of 10.4%), right now is a prime time for sellers to cash in on their Henderson homes and for buyers to make a solid investment in new real estate.

Reasons to Move to Henderson

The 80640 zip code boasts a Sperling’s crime rate score more than 7 points lower than the Denver metro area while still remaining within easy access to everything downtown has to offer. The unemployment rate in Henderson is just 4.4%, below the national average, and future job growth is predicted to keep pace with or exceed the rest of the United States. Situated within miles of three top rated elementary schools and not far from countless fun day trips, there are many reasons to move to Henderson for young families or first time homebuyers.

Things to Do Near Henderson

Whatever your interests, you’ve got plenty to do in Henderson for leisure, shopping, and relaxation. Spend your day exploring the odds and ends at the Mile High Flea Market, “the Rocky Mountain region’s largest year-round, open-air shopping and entertainment destination”. This one stop outdoor shop has a little bit of something for everyone. And nature aficionados will love to visit the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Just a few miles away with free admission, this refuge is home to over 300 species of wildlife, both local and migratory.

Places to Eat Near Henderson

Henderson is home to (or close to) a variety of local eateries you’ll love to grab a bite or drink at. Ziggi’s Coffee is a small Colorado franchise that sprouted in Longmont and now keeps Henderson locals fueled with caffeine to get them through the work day. Just a few miles away, La Estrellita offers award winning authentic Mexican cuisine with an inviting family atmosphere. And if you are willing to put in a 15 minute drive for a sweet treat, your taste buds will be delighted with the delicacies of Cinna Box, a couple-owned dessert-focused food truck regularly parked in nearby Northglenn.

Family Fun Near Henderson

Henderson is full of activities for the entire family. With a home in Henderson, you’re just five miles from the Denver Zoo, featuring exotic animals from around the world and sure to elicit the delight and admiration of your little ones. If animals aren’t your thing, spend the day seeing the wonders of the Denver Botanic Gardens – over 24 acres of flowers and plant life that celebrate the verdant high altitude flora of the Rocky Mountain region.

Tips for Buying a Home in Henderson

Henderson is ripe for buying right now, as home values are predicted to increase by $20,000 in the next year. If you are ready to move into this wonderful little neighborhood, keep some of these tips in mind to make sure that the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Don’t Go It Alone. Navigating the rushing waters of real estate can be tricky, even for someone who is on their third or fourth home. While you might think that browsing homes on sites like Trulia is going to give you everything you need to know, there is so much to finding the right home for you that can easily be missed.

The best bet to ensure a happy home buying experience is to enlist the services of a real estate agent. They know the area, the home price trends, and the legalities of buying house. And, most importantly, a professional realtor has years of experience matching the perfect home to the perfect homeowner.

Don’t Skip The Inspection. In the face of closing costs, down payments, and other expenses, you might be tempted to save money by cutting corners on necessary steps to the homebuying process, such as a professional home inspection. Don’t give in.

Saving a few hundred bucks today could cost you thousands down the line. Home inspections are key to avoiding unwittingly buying a house with hidden costs, such as termite damage, mold growth, or faulty electric work. What’s better, your home inspector can often turn up minor repairs that you can ask the seller to make as a condition of sealing the deal.

Tips for Selling a Home in Henderson

If you think that now is the time for you to sell your Henderson home and profit on the equity you’ve built, here are two quick tips to make the fastest sale possible.

Make a Good First Impression. A lot of buyers will decide whether or not to consider a home based on their first sight of a house. While you shouldn’t spend a ton of money on extensive upgrades or repairs, it is a good idea to do what you can to improve your curb appeal. Keeping the lawn mowed, the hedges trimmed, and the siding and gutters clean is a good first step to make sure buyers are thinking happy thoughts about your house before they even step foot in it.

Stage With a Purpose. The first step to improve the interior appeal of your house is to declutter and de-personalize your rooms so that they look livable and inviting to anyone. After that, consider staging rooms to show them in their best light and to give purpose to odd rooms. For example, an otherwise cramped porch could be staged as an outdoor entertaining space simply with a well-placed cocktail table.

Whether you are a seller looking to profit and upsize elsewhere or a buyer looking for a home that is likely to increase in value, feel free to get in touch with Walden Novak to get the ball rolling today on buying to selling your house in Henderson.

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