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Places to Eat Near Green Valley Ranch


To some people, nothing defines home better than the local eateries. Sure, an old fashioned homemade apple pie might be what transforms a house into a home, but to the foodie in each of us, knowing the best places to grab a bite to eat is what defines feeling comfortable in a new neighborhood, town, or city.

That’s why if you are planning a move to Green Valley Ranch anytime soon (or if you’ve recently moved in), we want to put forth three defining places to eat near Green Valley Ranch. While there are obviously plenty of other great restaurants to dine at, these three offer a broad look at just a bit of what the Denver area has to offer.

Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden

The Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden is the perfect stop for anyone looking to develop a finer appreciation for the craft beer culture of Colorado. Offering an extensive collection of hand crafted beers, bottled and on tap, the Beer Garden invites you to relax in its open air 7,500 square foot outdoor garden area.

It’s not just for craft beer fans, though. The Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden features bocce and croquet, serves up casual food, and fosters community in its open picnic area. Regular live music ensures a lively atmosphere, and you can even make the garden your own for events like birthdays, graduations, or networking nights.

Vinny’s Bar and Grille

If you’re in the mood for solid American diner food, look no further than Vinny’s Bar and Grille. Situated near the Denver International Airport, Vinny’s is the perfect place to stop for comfort food before or after a long flight – especially if you’ve been out of the country and are looking for a classic burger and fries type meal.

Online reviews consistently compliment the service at Vinny’s, and the price is right for a simple meal out. With a long list of cocktails and beers on tap, this is an excellent spot for a good meal, good drinks, and good people.

African Grill and Bar

For a taste of authentic African cuisine, there’s little in the Denver area that competes with the family owned African Grill and Bar. The founders, husband and wife Osei and Adwoa Fordwuo dream of a day that African food is as commonplace in America as Thai, Chinese, Mexican, and other foreign cuisine that has established a permanent home among U.S. eateries.

Delighting customers for over 14 years, the owners are natives of Ghana but their menu spans the entire African continent. Ingredients are sourced from local farmers, and the owners refuse to sacrifice on quality. From familiar dishes like spiced chicken and samosas to lesser known fufu, this is one restaurant than anyone looking for an authentic foreign taste doesn’t want to skip.

Eat Your Way Through Green Valley Ranch

There’s no end of delicious food to be had in the area. If you’ve been thinking of buying a home in Green Valley Ranch, we’d love to help you find an excuse to eat here more often. Give Walden Novak a call at 720 – 845 – 7400 today and we’ll get you started on the road to the perfect home in one of Denver’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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