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Reasons to Move to Green Valley Ranch

Reasons to move to Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch is one of Denver’s hottest real estate markets, and homeowners are flocking to get in to this neighborhood on the grow. Considering that the median sale price was hovering below $150,000 less than ten years ago and it’s now more than double that, this tiny Denver suburb is doing better than many investors ever thought it would and more than ever there are great reasons to move to Green Valley Ranch. Home values are only going to increase thanks to the addition of new commercial opportunities in the form of the recently added light rail stops with transport directly to the airport and downtown Denver.

The median home values for Green Valley Ranch are projected to push past $350,000 in 2019. While this might seem out of reach to some, it’s likely to be a steal compared to what these homes will be worth in 5, 10, or 20 years. So if you’re looking buy a home in Green Valley Ranch, now’s the time to do it. It won’t be long before prices aren’t as accessible to the average family.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top reasons that make the move to Green Valley Ranch is one of the best decisions for Denver home buyers.

Easy Commute

Green Valley Ranch is just minutes from I-70 and 470, ensuring that the city is never too far away. Furthermore, with two light rail stops offering direct connection to the Denver metro, you’ve got suburban living with easy access to urban entertainment. Public transportation to Denver International Airport is just as easy, so you’ll never need to hitch a ride or pay for parking.

And while we’re talking about getting around, don’t overlook the fact that all of Green Valley Ranch covers just over 3,000 acres, or about five square miles. That means you can walk the whole area on your feet if you want—and with a sprinkling of green parkland throughout the neighborhood, why not!

A Wise Investment

Green Valley Ranch homes have risen in value 10% since last year and are projected to grow by almost 7% next year. And as we already mentioned, odds are good that this trend will only continue in the years to come. If you get in now before it’s too late, you’ll likely see a very quick return on your investment. And if you’re planning to stay put for a decade or more, then you’ll have you hands on some very prime real estate in one of Denver’s nicest places to live.

Ready to Move to Green Valley Ranch? Start Your House Hunting Today

Green Valley Ranch is very much a seller’s market at the moment. This means that every home for sale is going to have a lot of eyes on it. Buying in Green Valley Ranch will be a lot like going to an auction in which everyone is trying to get their hands on every item for sale. Homes aren’t staying on the market long, so when you find one you like, you’re likely going to need to make an aggressive offer to avoid getting outbid by another buyer.

It can be stressful to find the house you love, but Walden Novak is here to help. Our professional real estate agents know the Green Valley Ranch market, and we can help you every step of the way, from hunting to making an offer to closing the deal. Get in touch today and let’s get started finding a new home in Green Valley Ranch.

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