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Places to Eat Near Commerce City

Looking for places to eat near Commerce City?

One of the few oil cities in America, Commerce City lives up to its reputation with sprawling industrial and residential cityscape. But that doesn’t mean that the city is without its charms. There are a lot of quality restaurants, diners, and great places to eat near Commerce City that cater to the taste buds of the residents and thousands of tourists and visitors who pour into the city every day. Whether you’re looking to buy a home in Commerce City or just dropping in for a visit, here’s our take of the best places to eat near Commerce City.

Lisa’s Place

Even people who don’t eat out that often tend to have their favored breakfast spot. Well, if you’re moving to Commerce City, then Lisa’s Place is going to be a strong contender for your new breakfast stop. The owner, Lisa Suggs, has been serving up rave-worthy breakfast and lunch since 1983. Stop in for a Country Croissant or the Chili Rellenos, enjoy the down to earth service, and learn what they mean on their website when they say “You’re only a stranger once!” The lunch menu is no joke either, and you can fill up easily with a “Sandwich That’s a Meal”, as the menu proclaims.

La Casa Del Ray

Simply one of the best Mexican restaurants in town, the La Casa Del Ray has a popular assortment of Mexican and American Southwestern food.  With excellent customer service and an authentic menu inspired by the kitchen of the owners’ Grandma Atencio, La Casa Del Ray is the perfect place to relax and have dinner with old friends or a weekend family dinner thanks to its warm and welcoming interior design with a one-of-a-kind feel.

The Butcher’s Block Café

Travel back to the nostalgic days of 60’s as you step into The Butcher’s Block café, a retro themed meat lover’s paradise located in Commerce City. Experience the all-American classic grease diner experience with great food and a wonderful staff who are helpful and friendly. And if you’re into classic celebrity culture, you can check in the curio shop beside the Manor Highway branch to view some rare Elvis and Marilyn Monroe collectibles.

Vine Street Pub and Brewery

This cozy pub is one of the hidden gems near Commerce City. Providing a relaxing classic pub interior and outside sitting arrangements, you can easily enjoy a quiet weekend dinner with your friends or a date. Sip down some home-brewed beer fresh from their brewery while you wait for an order of their famous cheeseburger and fries. If you’re in mood for something juicier, you can go for their popular spicy wings which go really well with a craft beer.

Eat Your Way Through Commerce City

Commerce City has so much more to offer in the way of local eateries, but we hope this guide gives you a quick glance at some of the most popular spots. If you are considering moving to the area soon, give Walden Novak a call at 720 – 845 – 7400 and let us help match you to the best home to fit your needs.

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