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Things to Do Near Green Valley Ranch

Things to do near Green Valley Ranch?

When it comes time to buy a new home or move to a new neighborhood, one of the main concerns you might have is finding fun stuff to do. Whether you live alone, have a sprawling family, or fall somewhere in the middle, you probably want to know what the locals do in their spare time. If you’re planning a move to Green Valley Ranch, this post will take a look at some of the main things to do near Green Valley Ranch.

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame

When you move to the Denver area, you’re moving in to a place teeming with culture. Less than an hour from Green Valley Ranch, the Colorado Music Hall of Fame features all manner of events and exhibits to capture the musical contributions to our state’s deep culture. This non-profit organization honors musicians, educates visitors, and preserves the history of Colorado’s musical scene.

Inductees include such musical legends as John Denver, Glenn Miller, and the Astronauts. Regular celebrations, concerts, and inductions keep the story of Colorado’s music alive, while exhibits such as Backstage Pass reveal the untold stories of singers like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

The Garden of the Gods

Winner of the 2011 Top 10 Public Spaces in America, Colorado’s Garden of the Gods is a must see for locals and visitors alike. When you live in Green Valley Ranch, you’re less than two hours away from towering sandstone rock formations and the majestic view of Pikes Peak painted against the vibrant blue sky.

The Garden of the Gods is a registered national natural landmark and a place of fun for anyone who loves a brilliant view or some time in the great outdoors. Admission is 100% free, and visitors can enjoy such activities as hiking, rock climbing, and bike tours.

Denver Art Museum

Whether you’re a long time art aficionado or just looking to expand your appreciation for the finer things, the Denver Art Museum is close enough to Green Valley Ranch that you will undoubtedly make it a regular stop. With a mission to “enrich the lives of present and future generations through the acquisition, presentation, and preservation of works of art”, this museum features one of the biggest collections west of Chicago.

Some 70,000 works and 10 permanent collections make a home at the Denver Art Museum. With exhibits ranging from African to European, modern to pre-Columbian, there is something for everyone here. Children and school programs make it an ideal addition to any youth’s education, and regular lectures, courses, and symposia promise endless possibilities for even the most sophisticated art lovers.

There’s Plenty of Things to Do Near Green Valley Ranch

Obviously, this is just a small taste of the things to do near Green Valley Ranch. You’ll find plenty more waiting for you upon move in. If you’re thinking about buying a house in one of Denver’s finest neighborhoods soon, we’d love to help you find the perfect home for you. Call us today at 720 – 845 – 7400 for a free consultation.

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